Inaugural RCSW RT Skills Rodeo

RCSW Pacific Northwest Congress in Spokane this April is Canceled

The RCSW skills rodeo is an event that tests teams of respiratory therapist on fundamental skills and knowledge required of the professional respiratory therapist. Teams of 2-3 RT’s will compete against each other to complete 10 events testing the team’s knowledge and performance of skills. The winning team earns the RCSW RT rodeo trophy and free registration to the 2021 RCSW conference!


  1. Arterial line blood draw with ABG interpretation
  2. Initiation of a continuous albuterol treatment
  3. Chest X-ray interpretation
  4. Adult endotracheal intubation
  5. Adult nasotracheal suctioning
  6. Ventilator waveform interpretation
  7. Extubation
  8. Newborn positive pressure ventilation and intubation
  9. Pediatric chest physiotherapy
  10. Tracheostomy tube change
  11. Name that equipment, its indication, and its absolute contraindications
  12. 5-minute RT trivia challenge (answer as many questions correct as possible in 5 minutes).
  • Stations are scored using standardized performance evaluation rubrics used to evaluate students from SCC, Highline, TCC, Seattle Central, and PIMA. RT Rodeo committee members will decide on final evaluation rubrics.
  • Each station will have an evaluator (member of the RT Rodeo committee) who will score the team on their performance of the skill.
  • No retesting of the skills will be allowed. Each skills station will have a time limit of 5 minutes. Time will begin when the team begins the first step of the skills station.
  • Reference materials of any kind are prohibited, the use of reference material (including cell phones) will result in an automatic zero score for the station.
  • The team with the highest point total at the end of the 2-hour rodeo will be the winning team.
  • Every member of the team must participate in at least 2 of the 10 skills stations.
  • In case of a tie, a sudden death trivia round will be held to determine the winning team. Any incorrect response will result in elimination.

Teams may register by sending a team name, list of team members, and a phone number of the team captain to

Once registered, teams will receive the 10 performance evaluation rubrics to begin preparing for the event. Registrations will be accepted through the event date (April 20th), and will also be accepted at the door.