Washington State is Facing a Shortage of Respiratory Therapists!

In the COVID-19 crisis, the world now recognizes Respiratory Therapists for the lifesaving care they deliver to patients, now is the time to designate the students currently in training to become Respiratory Therapists as “essential students.” COVID-19 is a respiratory disease.  Respiratory Therapists (licensed as Respiratory Care Practitioners under Chapter 18.89 RCW) are the specially trained, dedicated […]

Respiratory Therapists – Take Action Now!

Along with the AARC the RCSW is supporting multiple legislative initiatives that increase the visibility of respiratory therapists and highlight their skills and expertise in patient care and need your help! You, your family and friends can help support our efforts by reviewing the legislative initiatives that are most important to the Association and sending […]

Virtual Lobby Week March 20 – April 4, 2017

It is Virtual Lobby Week.  Your legislative team going to Washington, DC and the AARC are asking you to: 1) write letters to your legislators http://c.aarc.org/advocacy/lobby_week/ 2) contact your colleagues, friends, and families to ask them to write letters as well, and 3) write  follow up letters next week. We have two weeks before we go […]

Help Shape the Future of Respiratory Care in Washington State

Michele Pedicone – 9/26/2016   The profession of respiratory care continues to evolve and no where is that more evident than in WA State. Our current scope of practice was approved by the Governor in 1995. It is in need of updating to adequately capture the actual practice of Respiratory Care Practitioners in Washington. For […]

RCSW PACT Report – on the Hill 2016

by Michele Pedicone at RCSW.org Hill Day 2016 was a tremendous success. Your RCSW PAC (Political Advisory Contact) Team was well represented by Eric Anderson, Earl Moore and Michele Pedicone. Gary Wickman, recovering from surgery, was cheering us on from the home front. Our focus this year was H.R. 2948, The Medicare Telehealth Parity Act. Under this legislation, respiratory therapists would be recognized […]

Help the RCSW Get the Message Out

Once again it is time for the Respiratory Care Society of Washington (RCSW) and the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) to focus our lobbying strength on our elected officials in Washington D.C.  As you may or may not be aware, this is our opportunity to make our voices heard LOUDLY in support of our […]

Virtual lobby weeks are March 28-April 15

Virtual lobby weeks are March 28-April 15. Please follow the link below to send letters in support for HR 2948 Medicare Telehealth Parity Act. Send an email or letter once a day through this simple process:




Two RCSW Members Director Candidates on the AARC Elections Ballot

This year is very unique for the RCSW in that we have two candidates on the ballot for Director-at-Large for the AARC, Gary Wickman and Carl Hinkson.  Presently, there is little representation of the western states and this is an opportunity to expand that representation.  Both candidates’ roots are here in the Northwest and they […]

Help the RCSW Get the Message Out

  The Political Advocacy Contact Team are individuals that have been appointed by their state respiratory therapy societies to be the key contacts for lobbying federal and state legislative issues.