Respiratory Care Society of Washington Advanced Degree Scholarship Application

The Respiratory Care Society of Washington will be awarding two advanced degree scholarships in 2020. This award is for currently credentialed Registered Respiratory Therapist’s that have an active license in the state of Washington and are currently enrolled in an advanced degree program for a Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorate degree.
The RCSW is passionate about Respiratory Therapy and about giving back to its members. The RCSW’s success is derived on the commitment of its members, the committees they serve on and the Board of Directors. To be considered for this degree the applicant must have either have served on an RCSW committee or be willing to serve on an RCSW committee, the total required commitment time is 12 months.
These awards will be presented at the RCSW Annual Business Meeting on April 21st during the Regional Conference at Northern Quest Casino in Spokane, WA.
Your scholarship application packet will be assessed by the RCSW scholarship committee without any identifying information given to them as to avoid any potential bias.

To be considered please submit the following items by March 25, 2020:

  1. AARC number verifying that you are an active AARC member
  2. WA state Respiratory Therapy License Number
  3. Documentation you are currently enrolled in an advanced degree program. This verification could be a letter from degree adviser, program director, Director of Admissions, a copy of your current course schedule or your tuition statement. Please do not send a copy of your transcripts as they do not confirm current enrollment.
  4. A 1000 word or less response to the following questions:
    “How do you currently give back to the field of Respiratory Care? What does providing service to the respiratory care community mean to you?”
    “Have you previously served on or are you currently serving on an RCSW committee? If so, which committee did you or are you serving on, how long did you serve and what goals were accomplished during your time on the committee?”
    “What committee/s or aspect of the RCSW do you find the most interesting and applicable to you?”
    “Why did you select this advanced degree and how to do you expect it to benefit you professionally and

    Please include a cover page with your written response, it should include the date, the title of your paper and your AARC number; please do not include your name or any other identifying information on the cover page.

  5. A current electronic photo
  6. A photo release form
  7. Completed and signed RCSW committee signature form

Please submit all items to:
Toni D’Amato

Please also mail originals:
Toni D’Amato
C/O Spokane Community College
1810 N Greene St. MS 2090
Spokane, WA 99217