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General Advertising Information   

  1. All advertisement postings on this site are by the RCSW Webmaster.
  2. The RCSW pays for its domain ( and web server hosting costs from the RCSW budget.
  3. Funds from paid advertisements on this site are placed in the general fund for the RCSW.
  4. The RCSW is a non-profit corporation.  Funds from paid advertisements will help support operations costs and the RCSW Scholarship Fund.
  5. Information advertised on this site is reviewed but not hosted by the owners of the site. Employment opportunities are paid by third parties advertising RCP positions in this region.


Respiratory Care Employment Opportunities:

Companies that wish to advertise employment opportunities may post an ad describing their facility and employment needs. (example: Employment Link )

Rate: $50.00/1 month, $100.00/3 months, $150.00/6 months, or $200.00/1 year postings. Fee is non-refundable. The RCSW is not presently charging to advertise employment positions.  Advertisements will remain posted for 3 months unless requested otherwise.

Terms: Advertiser will provide text (copy) for the advertisement. A company logo may also be added. Logo sizes may vary. JPG or GIF format only. The RCSW reserves the privilege to size the logo according to web designer needs. Copy may be changed at the time of review during good faith posting. Advertisement includes a hyperlink to the advertiser’s URL and a contact information email hyperlink. The advertisement can be withdrawn at the advertiser’s request.


If you would like to place an employment opportunity or become a RCSW Web Site Sponsor on,  please provide us with all pertinent information and material via this email link.