It’s Sputum Bowl Time Again! Monday, April 16th at the Northern Quest Casino

Did you know the RCSW hosts a Sputum Bowl competition at the RCSW Pacific Northwest Regional Respiratory Care Conference and Scientific Assembly every year?

We are seeking 12 teams with 3 members to join in on the fun!

  • First place will be free registration for the 2019 RCSW Conference
  • Two teams per facility only, please.
  • As always, your question submissions are welcome!
  • Questions are referenced from standard RC text books and our RC Journal
  • Categories include: Acute Care, Airway Management, Gas Therapy, History, Humidity & Aerosol Therapy, Chem/Physics, Pharmacology, Microbiology Infection Control, Mechanical Ventilation, Neonatal Pediatrics, Diagnostics, A & P, Bronchial Hygiene, Assessment and Home Care/Rehab
  • Join us for a fun evening of pulmonary trivia! Please contact Lauri if you would like to judge, help out in any way or have questions to submit.
  • Conference information can be found at
  • For more information, to register your team, to help out with the judging, or to donate prizes, please contact Lauri Stephens at,
Sputum Bowl teams around the state are practicing for the event