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My Experience attending the 2017 AARC House of Delegates Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana

By: Michael Davis

I would like to start off by giving thanks to the Student Engagement Committee (SEC), the Respiratory Care Society of Washington (RCSW), the American Association of Respiratory Care (AARC), and the Delegates from the Washington State HOD: Greg Carter and Carl Hinkson. I was originally accepted to spend both days at the HOD, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I was only able to attend the first day, and what a day it was the first night we were in town, I attended a great Meet and Greet, where I had the opportunity to meet some of the AARC Board members as well as the President of the AARC, Brian Walsh, whom were all very welcoming.  From the meet and greet, a group of delegates were kind enough to invite me with them to have dinner, where I met even more of the delegates in a relaxed environment.

The next day started in a quick fashion, and continued the same way through the entire day. 7am came early, but that included a meeting early in the conference room with Julie Jackson, chair for the student mentor ship program, and the other students, which by the way, there were a record 23 sponsored students for the fall/winter HOD meeting.  After breakfast, the students had the opportunity to sit in on the new delegate orientation as well as a brief overview of how the parliament works and how the agenda will unfold.

Once the proceedings began, we were greeted with Military honors as the Indiana National Guard presented the colors for the week, and during this time, all veterans were called to the front to introduce themselves and where they were representing, and we were presented US flags from the state of Connecticut and the CTSRC (Connecticut Society for Respiratory Care). Including myself.

When the business started, student delegates were given the opportunity to sit alongside board members on the stage. A few lucky students even had the chance to sit in on the Board of Directors meeting. The students were also allowed to sit in on the committee meetings, which I took the opportunity to sit alongside Greg Carter and the Student Mentorship program.

I was also able to see the RCSW win the Summit Award. Which recognizes the best state affiliate for their efforts and achievements in promoting the field of respiratory care and promoting professionalism in respiratory care. 

To win this award the state must demonstrate excellence in six major areas:  education, membership, legislation, public awareness, membership benefits and collaboration with other medical groups

Throughout the day, any breaks that were taken were great opportunities to connect with students and State delegates from across the country.  During these times, I personally spoke with students that are enrolled in programs that are currently only offered as bachelors’ programs and some of their program directors as well as some delegates that were RC managers from around the country to find out what they were looking for in new hires.

One of the biggest things I took from my day was where the profession was heading.  There was a nationwide survey from some of the top hospitals and clinics that concluded that the profession was going to have a master’s program, leading to an APRT (Advanced Practitioner of Respiratory Care), which would be much like an APRN (Advanced Practitioner of Registered Nursing), giving the RT much more leadership and responsibilities.  Although this is much farther down the road, I believe this will be a very interesting career field.

January 2018: Volume1, Issue 1

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Lead on, have courage and breathe!


45th Annual RCSW State Conference and Assembly

April 15-17th 2018.  Northern Quest Resort & Casino. Spokane, WA.  Our annual conference gives students the opportunity to hear from many pioneers in our field. Join the fun during the annual sputum bowl and get answers and education at the Student Section. More Info to come.

First Question I’d like to answer is from a 2018 graduating student:

Dear Snotty,

How do I get introduced to managers at this year’s RCSW conference in Spokane, any tips?

Well it starts now my educated friends. Take advantage of time now to reach out to your instructors, who will be at conference with you, and ASK them to introduce you to managers if able.

 Or take time to ask your instructors at conference to help you identify the current respiratory care department managers, so you may take the lead and introduce yourself!!!

If you have done clinicals and see a manager you recognize, go up when the moment is right and thank them for the opportunity you had.
Another important step is your appearance and attitude, you are as good as you feel!
So, don’t be slummy and have smelly clothes like me. Step it up, break out the iron and don the proper attire. Dress like you are headed to an interview. Better than that, dress for the job you want, dress like a manager.
Be presentable, prepared and of course be EARLY, or you could miss out on opportunities that can change your future. I hope this answers your question.

Graduation is around the corner…

By: Diamond Tildon

The time is nearing as the 2018 graduating class prepares for their turn to take the next step and become a Registered Respiratory Therapist! Below are just a couple items you’ll need prepared as you near graduation.

First – You need a safe place for important documents! All important documents such as official transcripts, immunizations, copies or originals of professional certificates, should all be kept in a safe folder/document case. Then store in a safe location for your access. Once graduated, you can easily add your CEU’s and other important documents as needed. This is an important step in beginning your professional career!

Second – Resume! Yes, if you are graduating this June 2018, then you need to begin working on crafting your professional resume. After you spend careful time drafting your resume, review carefully to ensure errors are corrected. If able, send to a friend or Instructor to review, or add input.

Lastly, reach out to instructors NOW for reference letters, they will be very busy come spring quarter and may not have time for such tasks. So, Ask Soon



Diamond Tildon is a Respiratory Care Practitioner at UW-Harborview Medical Center,
a graduate of Tacoma Community College, and the RCSW Student Engagement Committe Chair